Benedikt Bauer und Riad Fazlija mit dem Siegerpokal.

Academy team win launch event tournament

VfL E-Academy players Benedikt Bauer and Riad Fazlija impressed at the start of the FIFA 19 season.

Benedikt Bauer und Riad Fazlija mit dem Siegerpokal.

eSports professionals from VfL Wolfsburg, Hertha BSC, Werder Bremen, Paris Saint-Germain and YouTubers such as Proownez and FIFAGoalsUnited took part in a launch tournament at the Volkswagen Arena on Monday evening to mark the release of FIFA 19. Despite some big eSports names being involved, it was two youngsters who claimed the first official title of the new FIFA season. The Wolves’ E-Academy pair of Benedikt Bauer and Riad Fazlija lifted the trophy thanks to a 2-0 win over PSG in the final.

Proud winners

“We were hungry and determined to prove ourselves,” said Benedikt afterwards. “We’re very proud and happy to have won this tournament.” His partner Riad gave an insight into the duo’s strategy: “We were constantly speaking to each other during the game and I think communication was our key to success.”

“It was fun”

The academy players succeeded where the eSports professionals failed. Benedikt ‘SaLz0r’ Saltzer and Timo ‘TimoX’ Siep were knocked out in the quarter-finals, losing 1-0 to ‘Maniika’ and ‘RocKy’. But it wasn’t just the virtual professionals who tried out the latest edition of the EA Sports football video game – VfL first-team players Robin Knoche and Paul Seguin were also in attendance. The pair acquitted themselves well but fell at the group stage. “We gave a good account of ourselves for our first time and it was fun to play against the eSports professionals,” summarised Knoche.
If you would like to watch the launch event, you can do so on the Wolves’ YouTube channel.



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