The Wolves new head coach: Bruno Labbadia.
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"A shame about the counter-attacks"

The coaches’ comments following the draw in the Friday evening game.

The Wolves new head coach: Bruno Labbadia.

An abundance of injuries, the nagging disappointment, but then also a new impulse from the bench: The Wolves extremely significant away game in Mainz had a great deal to offer. An early goal could hardly have proven a better tonic for the ailing confidence of the Wolves, who played some very decent football in the first-half. The fact that the Green-Whites then conceded an unnecessary equaliser after the break – during the host’s strongest phase – and failed to make use of a number of chances to take the lead again was duly bemoaned by Bruno Labbadia, who noted a general lack of coolness in front of goal.

The coaches' post-match comments

Bruno Labbadia: We started the game really well and were able to implement many of the elements we had set out to. Mainz had a lot of ground to cover, because we shifted the ball around well and played the passes in deep at just the right moments. I was very happy about that. Then we conceded a really stupid goal and you could really feel the disappointment about that throughout the team. In the second-half, Mainz shifted their approach forward and applied more pressure. We were unable to relieve the pressure as effectively, but we had a lot of counter-attacks. It’s just a pity we couldn’t make use of them to net a decider.

Sandro Schwarz: Having conceded, we needed some time to shake ourselves off and get a better grip on things. However, we did create some good chances to equalise. After the break, we were very active and won a lot of possession, but we rarely got any real shots in on goal. The huge chance for Yunus Malli had a major effect on us. It was clear the lads didn’t want to get caught out cold. Towards the end, we got a bit luck, with Wolfsburg’s shot against the post, but we had some good openings of our own. On the whole, it was a justified draw.



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