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Logo VfL-Fußballschule.The VfL Wolfsburg has established a Football School under der lead of Roy Präger, formal Bundesliga player of VfL Wolfsburg, in 2012. This concept can be realized all over the world and includes the following components:

  • Takeover of social responsibility
  • Training camp under professional conditions
  • Local youth development
  • 40 – 60 Kids between 6 and 13 years per site
  • Equipment sponsored by the partner and Volkswagen
  • PR activities are possible

During our project “Wolfsburg United”, several Football School tours has been happened, e.g. in China or Mexico.

VfL football school in Beijing

VfL football school in Changchun

VfL football school in Shanghai

VfL football school in Querétaro/Puebla

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