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Aid for street kids

Ein lächelndes Kind aus Mexiko in der Schule.

terre des hommes, together with Wolfsburg United and the club’s partners, support projects for children in Mexico. In Puebla, the partner organisation Juconi cares for neglected and working children, as well as former street kids.

One key aspect is preventative activities with children who work on the streets. Through social work and pedagogical offers, Juconi are aiming to deter children from leaving home and landing on the streets. For example, the Juconi Centre is close to a large market, where often whole families work. To prevent the children from leaving school and taking day-labourer jobs at the market, Juconi offers girls and boys private lessons, sport and playing opportunities.'

Spielende mexikanische Kinder in der sozialen Einrichtung.Juconi also has a home for former street kids. In the morning they visit state schools and in the afternoon they work in the Juconi bakery. Additionally, in cooperation with several businesses in Puebla, Juconi runs a job programme, where youngsters can undertake internships at different companies and apply for steady positions. Through Juconi, these youngsters also have the opportunity to recreate a relationship with their parents and return home. To do this, the direct work with the families is extremely important. Juconi has developed a family therapy, through which the children and parents are brought together to strengthen the family bond. In mutual sessions, the family learn to deal with familiar conflict situations without resorting to violence. And successfully so: Many families manage to reintegrate »rejected« or »run-away« children through these measures.

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