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A vital element of this project is social responsibility, which VfL Wolfsburg enjoys as a Bundesliga club. Therefore VfL encourages and supports projects for children in need all around the globe in cooperation with the international children’s fund terre des hommes. The aspiration is a »terre des hommes«, a »World of Humanity«. terre des hommes helps street-kids, abandoned and laboring children, as well as victims of war and violence, whilst encouraging the education of the affected individuals. terre des hommes is completely independent of any government, economic and political parties. terre des hommes supports native partner organisations and focuses its work consistently on children’s rights

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Projects in Brasil

Together with terres des homme, “Wolfsburg United” supports the integration of children from disadvantaged groups in Brasil.

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Projects in Mexico

terre des hommes, together with Wolfsburg United and the club’s partners, support projects for children in Mexico.

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VfL Wolfsburg Football School

A unique experience for our partners is the visit of the coaching staff of our VfL Football School.

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