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VfL launches Wolves E-Academy

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New E-Sport partner for VfL Wolfsburg

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FIFA 17 World Cup runner-up

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Digital football on real grass

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Music from the VfL-E-Sportsmen

On Spotify, Benedikt Saltzer and David Bytheway reveal their Top 20 FIFA songs.[more]


VfL Wolfsburg gets active in E-Sport

Under the motto "Fußball ist alles" (Football is everything), since May 2015, VfL Wolfsburg have been the first Bundesliga club to make a commitment to electronic sports. In Benedikt 'Salz0r' Saltzer, the Wolves have been supporting an ambitious E-Sportsman in the area of FIFA football simulation for almost a year. Since January 2016, the team has a further gamer: David 'DaveBtw' Bytheway. In September 2016, the Wolves secured the services of talented youngster Timo „TimoX“ Siep for their E-Sports team. In his first major tournament as a Green-White, the 2016 Electronic Sports World Cup in Paris, the 19-year-old directly claimed the runner-up spot.

Parallel to the signing of Englishman Bytheway, the club’s commitment to E-Sport was generally expanded at the turn of the year. And VfL Wolfsburg intends to extend their efforts further still. The team from the agency STARK eSports, with whom the Wolves have agreed upon a one-year cooperation, also have the know-how on their side.
For VfL Wolfsburg, this is not the club’s first contact with the gaming scene. Back in November 2013, together with EA SPORTS, a tournament in the Virtual Bundesliga (VBL) was hosted in the Volkswagen Arena and in the VfL-FußballWelt, thanks to a cooperation with the manufacturers, there are game consoles available for the use of interested visitors.