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Wolves bearing gifts

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Uduokhai, Malli, Baunach and Kerschowski visited the ill children at the local medical centres in Gifhorn and Wolfsburg.

Laden with presents, the Wolves and Lady-Wolves paid their traditional pre-Christmas visit to the ill children at the medical centres in Gifhorn and Wolfsburg. On this occasion, the visit took place on St. Nicholas’ Day. Felix Ohis Uduokhai, Yunus Malli, Katharina Baunach and Isabel Kerschowski provided a great deal of joy for the youngsters who cannot spend the festive season at home this year. VfL mascot Wölfi, the closet star of the day, immediately raised the spirits as he entered the medical centre in Gifhorn together with VfL women’s team star Baunach. "I really enjoy participating in such events. It was wonderful to see how happy the kids were about our visit. That all becomes particularly significant during the festive season," explained the defender. Representing the young patients in the clinic, 15-year-old Maja commented: "For me, the visit from VfL was very encouraging, as I am a huge fan of the Wolves-" 

Giving the children a boost

The visit of the VfL players put smiles back on the children’s faces and took their mind off their therapy for a brief moment. Together, the Green-Whites catered for a cheerful atmosphere on the wards, as they took time for everyone. And the Wolves were repaid for their efforts with the beaming children’s happy faces. "It’s always lovely to visit – especially on St. Nicholas‘ Day," noted Kerschowski. "The kids were really delighted, although some were quite shy. I hope VfL will be paying such visits again next year." Many of the young patients have long hospital stays behind, or ahead, of them – making such a break in the routine before Christmas all the more welcomed. VfL defender Uduokhai emphasised: "That was a new experience for me. It was great to do something nice for the kids on St. Nicholas’ Day." And his team mate Malli didn’t hesitate for a second in getting behind the commitment of VfL: "A truly wonderful event," stated the midfielder, adding. "For just a moment, it was an opportunity for the children to forget their illnesses."

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