VFL Wolfsburg

Seven-goal start

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The VfL Ladies earned a clear victory over Holstein Kiel in their first pre-season friendly.

First friendly, first win! In a game in support of women’s football in Kiel and the general region, the Lady-Wolves beat the women’s team from Holstein Kiel 7-0 (4-0). In the 'Kieler Waldwiese', the goal-scorers against the Regionalliga side were Lena Goeßling (16'), Lara Dickenmann (17'), Alexandra Popp (21'), Zsanett Jakabfi (45'+2), Ella Masar (65'), Katharina Baunach (70') and Babett Peter (81').

"Room for improvement"

VfL head coach Stephan Lerch: "It was a wonderful day and a great crowd here in Kiel. The team made good use of the game to generate real enthusiasm. It was clear to see that the first week of training had been very intensive and that it had an effect on the players. Inasmuch, we did see some technical errors. Some of the decisions that were made were not quite what we expect. That’s why we left chances untaken and there is room for improvement. The team were however fairly mobile, created lots of chances and were willing to put in the leg-work. The result could have been clearer, but we are satisfied with the outcome."

VfL Wolfsburg – first half: Schult – Wolter, Fischer, Wedemeyer, Baunach – Neto, Goeßling – Hansen, Popp, Dickenmann – Jakabfi

VfL Wolfsburg – second half: Burmeister – Blässe, Doorsoun, Peter, Maritz – Baunach, Neto – Jakabfi, Harder, Popp – Masar

Goals: 0-1 Goeßling (16'), 0-2 Dickenmann (17'), 0-3 Popp (21'), 0-4 Jakabfi (45' +2), 0-5 Masar (65'), 0-6 Baunach (70'), 0-7 Peter (81')

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