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Separate ways

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Andries Jonker is no longer head-coach of VfL Wolfsburg.

Andries Jonker has been stripped of his duties as head-coach at VfL Wolfsburg with immediate effect. The decision was made by managers Wolfgang Hotze and Dr. Tim Schumacher together with Director of Sport Olaf Rebbe upon agreement with the Supervisory Board.

"The decision wasn’t easy for any of us"

"Decisive for us in taking this step at this point in time was not just the impression made upon us during the game against Stuttgart, but rather based upon the perception of stagnated development amongst the team, which was to a great extent newly formed during the summer. We expressly wish to thank Andries Jonker and his coaching staff, for rescuing VfL’s position in the top-flight at the last minute at the end of last season," stated Wolfgang Hotze, spokesman for the board of management. Manager Dr. Tim Schumacher explained: "The decision to make a change of head-coach at this early stage of the season wasn’t easy for any of us. However, during our internal consultations, we ultimately came to the conclusion that we wish to approach the task with a newly formed coaching-team." 

New coach to lead final pre-match training

Along with Andries Jonker, assistant coaches Uwe Speidel and Fredrik Ljungberg, as well as match-analyst Jan van Loon, have been relieved of their duties. The new head-coach is expected to take charge of the final pre-match training session on Monday afternoon. "We have two difficult games ahead of us this week, but we didn’t want to implement a caretaker solution, rather install a new head-coach with immediate effect," noted sporting director Olaf Rebbe, who is currently in discussions with the new-coach, who is expected to be announced within the next few hours.

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