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New co-operation in China

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VfL Wolfsburg have made an immediate commitment to youth and children’s football in Wuhu, eastern China.

Over the past few days, VfL Wolfsburg have agreed on a further strategic cooperation in China: The school and education authority in the city of Wuhu are relying in the know-how of the Wolves for a major extension to their children and youth football activities. In the future, regular two-week training camps will be held in the eastern Chinese province of Anhui, with over a million inhabitants, together with the VfL School of Football. These camps will be conducted additionally and parallel to children’s and youth school football activities. The training camps have been conceptually arranged so as to cater for several hundred children simultaneously.

"Extensive commitment is the right direction"

In addition, VfL Wolfsburg will support and consult the school and education authorities in planning the creation of a football academy for the top footballing talents in the region, which is to be completed in the coming years. For the first step, in 2018, approximately 100 instructors from the Wuhu will be educated by VfL as part of the "Train the Trainer" programme.

"In Wuhu, a sustainable youth coaching policy is being implemented and those responsible for achieving that goal have opted to form a partnership with us. That is something we are very happy about, as it also proves that our expansive commitment in China, particularly in youth football, is the right direction for us. We are also in constant contact with other communes and educational institutions and will possibly announce further co-operations and partnerships in the near future," explained VfL manager Dr. Tim Schumacher.

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