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Elite-advancement in China

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VfL Wolfsburg enters into cooperation agreement with the Beijing Sport University.

Since November 1st, VfL Wolfsburg have been working together with Beijing Sport University (BSU), the elite sport-university in China. At a performance-centre close to the Chinese capital Beijing, over the coming year, the greatest and most promising talents in the land, from youth to adult football for both men as well as women, will be guided and encouraged. In doing so, the BSU will look to utilise the know-how of VfL.

"VfL effort achieves top-level sport in China"

The BSU, together with the China National Football Academy (CNFA), are planning to found their own club, based in Qinhuangdao, who will later hopefully participate in the Chinese Super League. The first step has since begun, in the nationwide scouting of approximately 300 players. In China, three of the football-experts liaised in collaboration with VfL Wolfsburg will take responsibility for the project. One of that trio will take on the post as Technical-Director of the BSU academy upon structural questions. The head-coaches of the men’s and women’s teams will also be provided by VfL. In addition, VfL Wolfsburg will also lend its support in implementing a successful training system and in educating Chinese coaches at the BSU. "Through our cooperation with the Beijing Sport University, VfL’s efforts in China have now reached sport at the highest level. That is a significant step in the sustainable work being done by our club in an ambitious football nation. It’s a cooperation from which both sides benefit. China is an important target market for us," explained VfL general manager Dr. Tim Schumacher.

The collaboration with the BSU is a further vitally important component of VfL Wolfsburg’s comprehensive efforts in in China. No other Bundesliga club has as many partners in China in the areas of sponsoring and know-how transfer.

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