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"20 – DER Stress lohnt sich!" for you at home

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Fan-film with English subtitles on DVD and Blu-Ray available as from November 18th / Pre-ordering possible immediately.

The fan-documentary "20 – DER Stress lohnt sich! (20 – THE stress is worth it!)" drew some 4,000 visitors to Wolfsburg’s Delphin-Kino (cinema). Now the film based on the Wolves fan-scene is finally available for sale on DVD and Blu-Ray. As from Saturday, November 18th, when VfL play host to SC Freiburg, the movie will be available from the VfL Wolfsburg fan-shops. Those interested, can now pre-order the documentary from the VfL Wolfsburg online-shop at www.woelfeshop.de. The DVD costs €12,95, the Blu-Ray costs €19,97. Aside from the movie itself, there is also almost an hour of previously unreleased bonus material on the DVD and Blu-Ray, with pictures from fan activities and celebrations, as well as exclusive interviews and naturally outtakes from filming.

Huge demand

"Queries, as to when the film will be available to purchase on DVD and Blu-Ray, have been reaching us from the outset and continue to do so now more than ever. We are absolutely delighted to be able to meet that demand so quickly. Our thanks here to VfL Wolfsburg, who massively supported us in the speedy implementation," stated the tree initiators of the movie, David Bebnowski, Chris Krüger and Lars M. Vollmering.

"A unique project"

VfL Wolfsburg duly took charge of the organisation of the DVD and Blu-Ray production and will make the movie available in both formats at the 'Fanshop' in the City-Galerie, at the Volkswagen Arena, in the VfL FanWelt and through the online-shop. Pre-ordering of the 120 minute long film is also being conducted through the VfL Wolfsburg online-shop. "We are very proud, that our wonderful fans got such a unique project up and running. For that reason, we immediately offered our support and assistance in ensuring every fan will have the opportunity to purchase this exceptional film as a personal keepsake," emphasized VfL General Manager Dr. Tim Schumacher.

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