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More than 90 Minutes

VfL Wolfsburg has been for quite some time now more than just a professional sport club. The club plays a large role in society. The image that the club portrays is constructed  not only by goals and points, wins and losses, but by the actions of the club off the field. Soccer is more than just 90 minutes on the pitch.

Commitment to our community is one of the features that characterizes todays world. We aim to live more consciously and consciously participate in society and its development. Activities in the social and environmental fields have therefore become increasingly important.

„Give and Go“ with the Community

As a Bundesliga club, VfL is in the public eye day to day. We are thus met with responsibility and opportunity. With our sustained dedication we therefore have great potential to initiate positive change in society. We are specifically referring to the commitment of the the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) team. Here VfL plays a “give and go” with the community. The club gives the people back in the city and the region something that the citizens have given to the club since its inception in 1945. Mutual give and take is the strength of the VfL association.

Moving Together

The CSR Team designs most of their projects under the theme of "working/moving  together“ in order to continually promote this cooperation. "With this initiative, we also want signify that we are not only concerned with soccer," says CEO Thomas Röttgermann. Instead of only financially supporting projects on request, the CSR team pursues a strategic approach that has filtered out key issues and focuses its activities on self-developed, networked and long term Scheduled projects aimed at social change.

The Core Topics:

  • Education - using soccer to inspire children and youth to learn
  • Integration - inclusion of people with disabilities and the fight against racism
  • Health - convey joy of movement and generate enthusiasm for a more active life
  • Environment - effective environmental management and awareness of climate protection

Understanding and promoting three senses of movement: First is of course the literal movement in terms of sports and fitness. Second, is movement in the sense of making a difference – motivating change. Finally the CSR team promotes movement towards one another – and getting to know one another. That is what we want to do together, together with all people who engage in the “give and go” with "their" VfL.

Krzystof Nowak. Ehemaliger Spieler des VfL Wolfsburg.


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