VFL Wolfsburg

The new VfL KARTE has arrived!

Since the Bundesliga restart at the Volkswagen Arena, a cashless payment system has been introduced. As a result, the lines at the kiosks have greatly reduced giving our fans more time to focus on the 90 minute match and cheer on the wolves to victory.

Fanfriendly and Multiuseful

The VfL KARTE replaces not only your current season ticket but also acts as a valid payment card. If you are a member of the Wolves Club and have purchased your ticket with the appropriate club discount, the VfL KARTE can also serve as your membership card. The VfL KARTE contains the same technology as a credit card of the German banking industry making it possible to purchase items without cash. Up to 200 Euros can be added to your VfL KARTE. You can do this from the comfort of your home using our Payment Web Store as well as directly at the Volkswagen Arena.

The cashless payment system works also outside the Arena

Due to the "open payment system", the remaining balance on your VfL KARTE after you leave the arena can be used in Germany's more than 600,000 stores that accept credit cards. With the initiation of the girogo Bank project, there are even more shops now in this region that accept credit cards. You can also at any time take cash out of your account at the ATMs stationed around the Volkswagen Arena.

You can also pay with a deposit card

For VfL supporters and away fans who do not have a VfL KARTE, it is possible to purchase food and drinks at the Volkswagen Arena with your deposit card. The deposit card only functions as a form of payment and is available around the stadium in any ATM or through mobile payment personnel. You must pay a 10 Euro security deposit and the card must have between 5 and 200 euros to function. The security deposit and the remaining credit will of course be refunded to you when you return the deposit card.

It is of course possible for all Wolves fans to purchase tickets for games as well merchandising articles from the fanshops using cash.