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Service for the disabled

VfL Fans mit Behinderung gucken in ihren Rollstühlen auf das Spielfeld.

Very special attention has been paid at the Volkswagen Arena to facilities for handicapped individuals. The VfL Wolfsburg home ground, 'Heimspielstätte' as it is fondly known by the local fans, provides quite exceptional facilities and equipment for persons with disabilities. Just like every other visitor to the Volkswagen Arena, people with disabilities have the opportunity to enjoy the fantastic atmosphere, at the 30,000 capacity stadium, in exemplary comfort. As an innovative club, with close connection to the local region and its people, VfL Wolfsburg strive consistently to attain a strong, as well as honest, social commitment.

Disabled representative

Mike Compagnone
Disabled represantative

phone:    +49 (0) 5361-89355-10
mobile:    +49 (0) 172-5107661
fax:          +49 (0) 5361-89355-20
e-mail:    mike.compagnone@stadt.wolfsburg.de

Service for wheelchair bound

  • There are 80 wheelchair accessible places available in front of the main stand at the Volkswagen Arena.
  • Tickets cost €5.
  • Necessary accompanying persons have free entry to the wheelchair area, which can also be accessed through a special entrance (at the 'Marathontore' on the east side of the Volkswagen Arena) and appropriate sanitary facilities are also available.
  • There are seven further wheelchair accessible places in the Business area. For information on those places, please contact: vertrieb@vfl-wolfsburg.de

Service for the visually impaired

At the Volkswagen Arena there is a special service available on offer for people with serious visual handicaps.

  • In Block A at the south end of the main stand, there are ten places equipped with headphones.
  • A specialist commentator provides the information on the events on the pitch in a live report (in German).
  • For just € 13, visually impaired supporters, together with an accompanying person, can enjoy the atmosphere at the 'Wolves' home ground. 
  • Entry for the accompanying person is free of charge.
  • The representative for the disabled is Mike Compagnone, Telephone: +49 172 5107661, e-mail: mike.compagnone@stadt.wolfsburg.de

Tours for the disabled

For groups of at least 15 persons, VfL Wolfsburg offer tours specifically catering for those with disabilities. Interested parties can get a view behind the scenes at the Volkswagen Arena, getting a look at areas of the Arena which are not accessible during Bundesliga games, such as the player’s changing rooms, the VIP area, the press-conference room, the team wing and the north stand. Upon the submitting of a suitable handicapped identification, a fee of just €3 per person is charged for the tours, which take place during VfL Wolfsburg’s business hours (Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm). Advance reservations with Mrs Katharina Henrichs (telephone: +49 5361 8903-652).

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