VFL Wolfsburg

Get ready for a unique experience!

The VfL-FußballWelt is unique in Germany. Here, you can be the star in your very own VfL Dream Team. Move from one area to another and from one station to the next, comparing yourself to the pros along the way. Find out about the club’s history, experience the atmosphere of the changing room, the players’ tunnel and much, much more. At the VfL-FußballWelt you’re always at the centre of the action. Learn, play and get involved in your own personal VfL Wolfsburg experience. Are you ready? Welcome to the team!

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Club history

Nahaufnahme einer VW-Radkappe aus den 50er-Jahren.Promotions, titles, emotions: VfL Wolfsburg’s successful 70-year history reflects city, the Volkswagen brand and, of course, the local people. Nothing cuts the fine line between joy and despair quite like football, and such is VfL’s history. The fans have suffered and celebrated alongside their heroes through thick and thin. Ultimately, it is the people who lend a club its tradition – and you can find out all about it at the VfL-Fußballwelt!VfL-Fußballwelt!

Press conference

Ein Besucher der Fußballwelt hält ein Trikot hoch.The media is an integral part of football these days and crucial for distributing important information. Fans take a keen interest in everything about their favourite club, whether from newspapers, television or the Internet. The most important source for the latest news is press conferences, which take place before and after matches and on special occasions… such as your personal unveiling as a the latest signing in your VfL Dream Team.

Training ground

Ein Fan im Dribbelparcour der VfL-FußballWelt.A fan practises his skills on the Dribbling Challenge at the VfL-FußballWelt.
No pain, no gain: football is more than just 90 minutes out on the pitch. It all starts with training and only by working hard can you increase your chances of a place in the starting line-up. Showcase your skill across four different stations, training and improving your jumping, speed, reactions and ball control. Afterwards you can compare your results to the pros.

Changing room

Station - Umkleidekabine in der Fußballwelt.Guarded like a vault and the most important place between training and a match: the VfL changing room. This is the team’s sanctuary, where the coach addresses his players before kick-off and at half-time. Only few may enter – and that’s how it shall remain. However, you can get a unique glimpse inside – just like the VfL stars.

Players’ tunnel

Ausstellung Spielertunnel.Your pulse quickens, the atmosphere is simmering – there’s no turning back. For big-name players and young mascots alike, nowhere quite has the same sense of anticipation and tension as the players’ tunnel. Get ready. Just a few steps separate you from the big occasion… walking out as part of the VfL Wolfsburg starting line-up.

The pitch

Ausstellung Spielfeld.What is 102 metres long, 68 metres wide and has a surface area of 6,936 square metres? The pitch at the Volkswagen Arena of course! The Wolves’ home has a magnetic appeal. Thousands of enthusiastic fans pour in here every week to cheer on their heroes in green. Once you’re on the pitch, you can showcase your skills in the Tiki-Taka Temple, test your knowledge at the Goal Stop and give an interview after the final whistle.

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