Interactive exhibition

What is the VfL-FußballWelt?

Unique in Germany, the VfL-FußballWelt enables you to become the star of your very own VfL Dream Team. Move from one area to another, comparing your skills with those of your team-mates at every station. Explore the club’s history with the help of rare collectors’ items, experience the changing room atmosphere, the players’ tunnel and much, much more! At the VfL-FußballWelt you’re always at the heart of the action. Get involved, create your own memories and leave your mark at the club. Are you ready? Welcome to the team!

Club history

Promotions, silverware and a plethora of emotions: VfL Wolfsburg have enjoyed great success since the club was established in 1945. Its history reflects the city, the Volkswagen brand and the people of Wolfsburg. Only football has the ability to conjure up agony and ecstasy in equal measure, but the club’s fans have stuck by their heroes through thick and thin. Ultimately, it is the supporters that give a club its identity. Immerse yourself in the unique history of VfL Wolfsburg!

Press conference

Football wouldn’t be the game it is without the media, who relay important information via newspapers, television and the internet to provide supporters like you with everything there is to know about their favourite club. Press conferences are one of the most important sources of new information. They are held before and after matches and on special occasions - such as to unveil you as the VfL Wolfsburg Dream Team’s newest acquisition!

Ein Junge nimmt an der VfL-FußballWelt Station Pressekonferenz teil.

Training ground

No pain, no gain: there’s a lot more to football than just the 90 minutes out on the pitch. It all starts on the training ground, where players need to knuckle down in order to earn their place in the starting XI. Showcase your skills across four different stations, improving your jumping, speed, reflexes and ball control in the process. Afterwards you can compare your results with the rest of your team-mates!

In der interaktiven Station Trainingsplatz der VfL-FußballWelt schießt ein Junge mit einem Fußball auf ein Tor.

Changing room

Located in the stadium’s inner sanctum, the VfL changing room is the team’s last point of call before a game and represents a safe haven for players and staff on a matchday. This is where the head coach holds his team talk before kick-off and issues instructions to his players at half-time. Only VfL staff members have access - and that’s not going to change anytime soon! However, you now have a unique opportunity to explore the changing room for yourself, bringing you closer to your VfL heroes than ever before!

Ein Mädchen hört sich in der VfL-FußballWelt Informationen an.

Players’ tunnel

Your heart beats a little faster, the atmosphere reaches fever pitch. There’s no turning back now. Whether you’re a key player or a mascot, the players’ tunnel causes excitement and tension in equal measure. Get ready - your big appearance in the VfL starting XI is just a few moments away!

Kinder laufen die Treppe in der VfL-FußballWelt runter, sie symbolisiert den Spielertunnel.

The pitch

What’s 102 metres long, 68 metres wide and has a surface area of 6,936 square metres? Why, the Volkswagen Arena pitch, of course! The Wolves’ home has a magnetic appeal: before home games, thousands of enthusiastic VfL fans descend on the arena to cheer on their heroes. Now you’re out on the pitch, you can showcase your footballing skills in the Tiki-Taka Temple, test your knowledge at the Goal Station and answer the media's questions in a post-match interview!