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Josef Glanzmann from Switzerland

„A totally normal fan“

Porträt Josef Glanzmann.

Josef Glanzmann undertakes a 1,600 kilometer trip to see the ‘Wolves’ play at home.

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When the beautiful Swiss city of Maienfeld wakes to the morning sunshine, Josef Glanzmann is already on his way north to see his Green-Whites. What he takes upon himself is almost unbelievable: Almost every week, the season ticket holder makes his way to the ‘Autostadt’.
“There is a special atmosphere in Wolfsburg, which cannot be described so easily,” explained the Swiss rail employee, who undertakes an 800 kilometer, and almost twelve hour trip – in both directions – to see the ‘Wolves’ in action. “I tend to travel back on the over-night train from Berlin or Hanover. I also have opportunities to stay the night and in an emergency there are also hotels.”

No trip too far

Spielszene aus Braga mit Marcel Schäfer.

Aside from the home games though, Glanzmann also travels to away matches. Be it in the Bundesliga or for international games, the Swiss fan is a regular – and would like to get to even more games: “Only the delayed scheduling and kick-off times keep me away,” said the fan who even made the trip to see VfL in Portugal against SC Braga in the UEFA Cup. Glanzmann has been supporting VfL Wolfsburg since 1978: “Following a brief visit to Wolfsburg my interest began to intensify. Now I’m just a totally normal fan.”

‘Seppel’, as he is affectionately known in VfL circles, commented: “I think there are fans that do more than I do. All I have is the long journey – no more and no less than that. The trips to VfL are like a break for me though. On the trip I can recover from the daily strain and get other thoughts in my head.” The Swiss supporter will continue to travel to Lower Saxony in the future in order to maintain his close affiliation with the Green-Whites.